Porvoo Humane Society a.k.a PSEY ry
  • Promotes animal welfare and living opportunities.
  • Maintains an animal shelter, whose inhabitants are returned to their owners or placed in new homes.
  • Provides guidance and education concerning animal protection matters.


PSEYs most important task is maintaining an animal shelter. Additionally the society aims to improve animal well-being and living conditions, and as such also deals with other animal welfare issues, for example feral cat populations.

After an official holding period of 15 days, lost pets at the shelter can be given a new home. Only one-fifth of the cats brought to PSEY return to their own homes, most of the animals find a new owner within approximately 2 months after their arrival at the shelter.

Good treatment of and respect for cats and other animals are main topics of the society’s educational work. PSEY tries to pass on the message of caring for animals particularly to children; hoping that reverence for animals learned as a child it will result in a responsible adult.

During their stay at the shelter the animals need food, warmth, and possibly medication. The association raises funds to be used for these purposes through membership fees, events and money donations.

PSEY started a foster care program in the autumn of 2014. Cats that require regular medical treatment or familiarization of humans, as well as orphaned kittens benefit from home conditions.


The Porvoo Humane Society was founded in February 1993. Since 1994, the association has operated in an old school building in Tolkkinen, Porvoo. The ground floor is occupied by facilities for the animals, and the upper floor houses a flea market.

Annually, PSEY receives 150-200 runaway or abandoned cats from Porvoo, Sipoo and Askola. The shelter in Tolkkinen is the official shelter for lost cats and other small pets in the aforementioned municipalities.

The cats' needs are taken care of twice a day: the morning shifts are handled by an employee, the evening shifts by volunteers.

A veterinarian visits the cat shelter regularly to do non-emergency procedures such as vaccinations, sterilizations, castrations and the insertion of microchips. During these visits our members also have the opportunity to get their own pets treated.




The 19€ membership fee provides funds for the everyday life of the animals.

Animal care

New volunteers can apply through an internship.

Company membership

By making a 100€ donation you'll declare yourselves animal welfare supporter and you'll receive an honorary certificate.

Donating supplies

Food, cat litter and toys, cleaning supplies, as well as flea market items - clean and undamaged!

Food baskets

There are food baskets available in Faunatar and Citymarket in the Porvoo city center. You can donate food, toys or clean supplies.


A helping hand

You can give us a hand at fundraising events or help us in remodeling our facilities.

A foster home

Perseverance and experience of cats is required.

A new home

Commitment to coexisting with your new cat for up to 20 years is demanded.

Money donation

Aktia FI87 40500010055805
Collection boxes (license number RA/2017/896, valid till 22.9.2019.



Cat shelter and flea market Viirun Vintti:
Massakuja 1, 06750 TOLKKINEN

Open daily from 6-7 pm.

Tel. 0404867460
Our volunteers answer the phone during the daytime whenever they are available.

email: psey@psey.net

Current infromation about activities of the house, as well as animal found and brought to PSEY:


You can follow us on Instargram - @tolkkistenkissatalo 

PSEY ry 2021 p.040-486 7460 Massakuja 1, 06750 Tolkkinen 
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